I am dedicated to supporting companies with in-depth production, market and technology research. My reports utilize statistical research, computer screening, operations research and data visualization to convey complex patterns in various market segments. I also use predictive science, risk analysis and modeling to optimize the markets and processes studied. Using business intelligence, to mine data to support the report findings. In the past, this was commonly known as “forecasting” or “predictive science” however, internet advancements and business intelligence tools comprising of structured and unstructured data (e-mail, word documents and cloud-based communications) have grown predictive science to a new level of sophistication.

I provide reports with charts, graphs and other visuals that you can use for presentation materials within your management group. My reports conceptualize the data in a form that can be used by every member of your team to get to the heart of the statistical and predictive message. Business intelligence and years of production experience are tools used to mine data to support report findings.

Process analysis is one of my key strengths. I have been very successful at auditing existing non-woven processes to improve performance by as much as 40% and simultaneously achieving significant quality benefits. Gaining clients more satisfied customers, higher sales volumes and profit margins.

I am certain that you will like my presentation style and that you will like my simple approach to solving complex problems. Clients also find that a non-threatening style of personal interface is a comfortable and welcome experience.